“Golf’s bigotry is genteel, dressed up in a natty blue blazer…”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Here’s some recommended reading on the Patrick Reed gay slur controversycheck out managing editor Eamon Lynch’s take

Homophobia in golf doesn’t need the white heat of competition to rear its visor-wearing head. When NBA star Jason Collins came out last year, ESPN analyst Chris Broussard declared homosexuality a “sin” and said gays live “in open rebellion to God.” Bubba Watson, admittedly not known as one of the Tour’s towering intellects, tweeted his thanks to Broussard “for sharing your faith & the Bible. #GodIsGood.”

Nor is it an issue just at the Tour level. Once, a caddie in my group said to me, “I heard Graeme McDowell’s a bender.” “He’s not,” I replied. “But I am.” The caddie shuffled off in mortified silence. A few years ago I played with an accomplished amateur and USGA stalwart who referred to his stock shot as a “fag fade.” I suggested that a douchebag draw would be more appropriate for him. He got the message, quickly, and we’ve since become friendly.

While there have been several prominent gay women on the LPGA Tour, there isn’t a single open homosexual on the PGA Tour, and not many more even within the broader golf world. If I wander down a fairway at Augusta National, it is tantamount to a Pride parade. But then the Tour has never reflected the country at large, even beyond the demographics of gender, race and sexuality. If you rely on the PGA Tour’s image of its “family,” you might conclude that families contain no cheats, drug abusers, wife beaters or other degenerates.