The players have (unofficially) voted: Couples for 2016!
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup
Couples love

Couples love

The players of the American Ryder Cup team are ready for Freddie. In a recent article by Golf World’s Tim Rosaforte, Fred Couples revealed that the entire team had reached out to him that they wanted him to be the next Ryder Cup captain when the biennial dogfight against Europe is staged next in 2016. 

“Asked how many reached out to him via text or phone call after the blowout loss at Gleneagles, Couples suggested it was the whole team: “When they all got home, they said, ‘We need you to do this.'”

The question is whether the PGA of America wants Couples to do this as much as the players. Asked before the opening round of the Charles Schwab Cup Championship if he had been approached to be a member of the Ryder Cup Task Force, Couples shrugged and said, “You know, I’m not a PGA of America guy.”

Couples seems to agree with many, including Jack Nicklaus, that the “Task Force” is a bit of an overreaction by the PGA.

“I don’t think we need the PGA of America straining on this,” said Couples.

What would Couples, who has a 3-0 record as a Presidents Cup captain, have done differently than Tom Watson? Well, first of all, he would’ve coddled the players more.

“To hear a few of his comments about Tom Watson’s leadership style, strain is a word that described the mood in the team room. ‘He didn’t cradle his boys enough, and that’s what they need,’ Couples said of Watson, who was one of his mentors in the early ’90s. ‘They need some love.'”

Yes, yes, we all know gazillionaire PGA Tour players need to be pampered. After all, you’re dealing with 12 massive egos that you’re forced to try to gel into a team for a week.

Rosaforte continues the article, outlining Couples’ leadership strategies as captain of the last three Presidents Cup teams. However, there’s one thing about the ’92 Masters champion that stands out most, which would benefit the U.S. Ryder Cup team: his attitude.

“I’ll tell you why it’s so much fun,” said Couples. “I’m not going to make any of them nervous. I make them relaxed because I’m just another guy.”

Ain’t that the truth.

You’re up, PGA of America.