Old feud looms in the Tiger swing coach debate
By Bernie D'Amato under Tiger Woods


In an extensive blog post on, the 14-time major champion mentioned the possibility of coaching himself once he returns to the game. However, Tiger’s first goal is to get his “explosiveness” back before he begins swinging a club.

Tiger wrote, “As for my coaching situation, there is no hard-and-set rule on this. I may just do it on my own. I’m keeping my options very, very open. I need to get healthy first before I start back and see how I feel. That’s the No. 1 concern. And from there, then I can start deciding where I want to go with it.”

He added that Notah Begay III has helped with the brainstorming process. “I have bounced some things off Notah Begay III, my close friend and former Stanford teammate. We just kind of talked things through; he’s like an older brother. We’ve discussed my options and what direction he thinks I should go. He’s just trying to help out any way he can.”

In my opinion, if Tiger is looking for the best opportunity to win multiple majors, he must go back to Butch Harmon. There might be swing instructors as good as Butch, but there is no one who is better, which makes him as close to a sure thing as possible in the golf world.

It’s crunch time for Tiger. The window is open, but the clouds are beginning to roll in. There is no room for old feuds. Teamwork will win the day, and Butch and Tiger can make one heck of a team if they focus on what is at stake.

–Bernie D’Amato