Rory must win FedEx Cup to be in Tiger’s league
By Bernie D'Amato under FedEx Cup


Rory McIlroy’s great play is garnering a lot of attention, but the interest factor is multiplied when Tiger Woods is around. That is exactly why their appearance on The Tonight Show was a hit, and why their Ice Bucket Challenge video was awesome too.

Of course, the questioning in the pre-tournament press conference turned to TW right away.

The big news Rory relayed to the media is that Tiger is not ready to give up competing at the highest level. “Spent a good bit of time with him and it was good fun. Kept telling me he wasn’t done yet. It was good,” the 25-year-old said. “He really wants to get healthy and really looking forward to getting back out there. Obviously he believes he’s still got some of his best golf left.” Later on, Rory revealed that Tiger said he won’t let McIlroy put on the Green Jacket next year.

Watch out everyone, Tiger wasn’t wearing the muscle shirt on The Tonight Show for no reason!

Switching gears to the playoffs, Rory must win multiple FedEx Cups to reach Tiger’s level of dominance. McIlroy said, “It’s a big four weeks coming up. It’s one of the only things that I haven’t achieved in this game is winning the FedExCup. I came close in 2012. It would be great to finish off what has been my best year‑to‑date with a victory [at East Lake].”

It is good to know Rory wants to win the FedEx Cup because the playoffs are a BIG DEAL! Every athlete is judged by their performance in the postseason, and golf should be the same way.

In addition, the New York metropolitan area is the perfect place to start the Cup. I have to give a bunch of cred to Tim Finchem and the TOUR crew for understanding how much golf and the playoffs flow through the veins of the people in the Tri-state area. They set the tone for the Summer Spectacle.

It’s playoff time baby, and those who win the playoffs are Prime Time Players (Dick Vitale baby). I don’t care what you say, winning the FedEx Cup is equivalent to winning a major.

–Bernie D’Amato (@bdamato711)