VIDEO: Tiger Woods caddies for Jimmy Fallon as he takes on Rory McIlroy in a game of Facebreakers
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

In between promoting the launch of the new Nike irons via an appearance at Liberty National, just outside NYC, and appearing on The Tonight Show, it looked like host Jimmy Fallon had quite a few laughs with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy on Monday.

As you can see in the video above, on last night’s episode of Tonight, Fallon engaged McIlroy in a chipping contest, as the two hit shots into what appeared to be a wall of glass with different cubes that had their faces on them. Meanwhile, Tiger, who is out of action with a back injury, acted as Fallon’s caddie or coach. When Woods said he’d be his caddie, Fallon quipped, “Good, if I lose, it’s your fault!”

McIlroy got off to a hot start. “Top right,” he said right before he took dead aim and nailed his target.

Fallon hit a few good shots, but he was no match for the world no. 1, who ended up winning. There was even a trophy ready for McIlroy with his name engraved on it immediately after he secured the victory.

Best part of the show might have been Fallon’s ability to get Tiger to loosen up and act like human being — you know, like someone you’d actually like to hang out with and knock back a few beers. Well done, Jimmy.

(By the way, I’m almost positive there was another segment of the show where Woods and McIlroy appeared, but I couldn’t stay up late enough to watch last night and I can’t find a clip of it (yet) online. If you get a hold of it, pass it along, please!)