Kenny Perry hits it ‘stoney’ on 18 to shoot 68 on birthday
By Bernie D'Amato under PGA Championship


Kenny Perry was given a special exemption to play in his home state of Kentucky, and he did not disappoint the fans at Valhalla. Perry birdied the final hole on his birthday to shoot a bogey-free 68, and a total score of six-under par.

The shot on 18 reminded KP of the 1996 PGA Championship when he lost to Mark Brooks in a playoff at Valhalla. “I thought that was pretty neat. I hit the same drive I hit in the ’96 PGA, dead left. I’m thinking that was the same shot that I hit on the 72nd hole. Then I couldn’t ‑‑ at least I could get it back in the fairway.

“Then I had 215, I hit the prettiest little 4‑iron hybrid I’ve hit all week. Hit it stoney. Could have used that 20‑something years ago. That would [have] made my life a big game‑changer.”

Perry also enjoyed the support from the crowd on Sunday. “I’ve never heard ‘Happy Birthday’ sung so many times. Every hole. Poor Luke [Donald] was like, ‘Did you Tweet out that it was your birthday today or how did everybody know?’ It was funny. It was pretty special. I had huge galleries. Pretty neat way to go out.”

Glad to hear it was a day to remember for Kenny Perry.

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–Bernie D’Amato