Like the Red Sox, Kaymer looks to get season back on track
By Bernie D'Amato under PGA Championship


Martin Kaymer is in the midst of his best season on Tour, but he hasn’t played well since his dominant performance at Pinehurst. In the pre-tournament presser, Kaymer said, “After the U.S. Open, I took a little bit of time off, and I didn’t practice and didn’t play as much as before because I was a little exhausted because it was quite a long run of tournaments for me until the U.S. Open.”

However, Martin is undergoing a crash course over the last couple weeks to get his game back in shape. “So I played a lot of golf the last two weeks. I practiced a lot at the Bridgestone. Practiced a lot yesterday and I’m probably going to do a little bit more this afternoon. So I feel good about the game.”

Kaymer is also dealing with back and shoulder issues, but he said, “It’s nothing major.”

A lighter moment in the press conference came when Kaymer was asked about the gift he gave at the Champions Dinner the year after he won the 2010 PGA. “I gave a knife, like a Swiss knife. It was actually my father’s idea. My brother and me, we always wanted one when we were young, and I can remember the day we got one from our grandparents when we were old enough, of course.”

He also said Keegan Bradley’s gift of a fitted Boston Red Sox cap was his favorite so far. “That hat fits perfect for my head and every time I tell him when I see him on the range, I need that brand and I need that fit.  So I always wear it when I’m out in Munich.”

Just like the Red Sox, Kaymer is looking to get back to his winning ways. “I’m just waiting for that day where it clicks a tiny bit again, and then I can play great golf again.”

–Bernie D’Amato (@bdamato711)