Oh, my! Rory’s Open-winning ball now at $5,558 in online auction
By Stephanie Wei under British Open
The Champion Golfer of the year launches his ball into the stands

The Champion Golfer of the year launches his ball into the stands

Remember after Rory McIlroy putted out for par on the 18th hole at Royal Liverpool Golf Club to clinch the Claret Jug and then he celebrated by throwing his ball into the grandstands? Well, either way, that’s what happened.

Lee Horner of Leeds was the man who caught McIlroy’s ball, and now it’s up for auction at GreenJacketAuctions.com. Nike even confirmed the ball’s authenticity. 

rory nike ball

Here’s the description of the item on the website:

Rory McIlroy’s Golf Ball

Sunk to Win 2014 British Open!

[Confirmed by Nike]

    On Sunday, July 20 on the 18th green of Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Rory McIlroy tapped in his putt to win the 2014 Open Championship. As millions watched on television across the globe, Rory retrieved his ball from the cup and proceeded to throw it into the jubilant gallery.

Offered here is that ball. The actual ball that Rory McIlroy holed out with to become, as they say in Britain, “Champion Golfer of the World.”

Like those watching on television last week, we too watched in astonishment as Rory chucked that Hall of Fame-worthy ball into the crowd. But we went a step further. We immediately took to Twitter to tell our loyal followers, as well as several prominent sportswriters, that we had a mission for them: Find. That. Ball.

And they did! We quickly learned about the gentleman who caught the ball, Lee Horner of Leeds, England, and began negotiations to obtain it for our auction.

Without further ado, here is Rory McIlroy’s custom Nike RZN Black “RORS” golf ball which he used on the 72nd hole at Hoylake. Accompanying this ball is a screen shot of television footage of our consignor just after he caught the ball, a widely circulated photo of our consignor showing off the ball outside the Open Championship pavilion (we also have another version of this photo that no one has seen, which we are intentionally not publishing here), another photo of our consignor and his buddies earlier in the day at the 2014 Open Championship, and a letter of provenance from our consignor attesting to the ball’s authenticity and the story of how he caught the ball. We have also included some incredible images of Rory McIlroy with this ball during the Open.

How many chances will a collector have in their entire life to obtain the actual ball used to win a Major Championship? This is a ball that will only gain in significance for the next 20, 50, even 100 years. In the collecting world, this is what’s called a “dream piece” – something that no one could ever expect would become available for sale; yet here it is….

**NIKE CONFIRMS!! ESPN’s Darren Rovell reached out to Nike Golf Spokesperson Beth Gast, who has confirmed the ball’s authenticity!

The bidding started at $1,000. And 20 bids later, the latest offer is a whopping $5,558.00. Yep, you heard me.

You still have 11 days and four-plus some hours to outbid that number and take home Rory’s winning ball. The auction ends on August 9th at 8pm EST.

Go HERE if you have a spare $10K or so lying around…

(Photo: Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports)