Tom Watson makes the cut in second to last Open
By Bernie D'Amato under The Open Championship


Five-time Open champion Tom Watson is playing in his second to last Open Championship, and at 64-years-old, he made the cut after shooting consecutive 73s.

Watson said, “There’s no age when I’m out there. I’m doing the same thing as I did when I was 22 years old, although I can’t hit the ball very hard anymore. My body is a little sore. I don’t go to the practice range after and hit a bunch of balls, although yesterday I did. I went and practiced yesterday quite a bit with the driver and longer clubs yesterday, because I failed yesterday with those clubs. And really didn’t get it done until the last ten swings. I finally figured it out on the last ten swings. And then this morning’s session was great. The game goes that way. It’s just a little adjustment here and there, and all of a sudden then you hit a shot, okay, yeah, that’s the way I’m supposed to hit it. Then you confirm it. Then you confirm it again. Hit three confirmations. Boom. Yeah. Boom. Yeah. Boom. That’s kind of all you did.”

He added, “There’s a story about Ray Floyd at the Belfry after Saturday’s round. Ray played 36 holes, and I’m walking past the range, and there is is Ray after playing 36 holes on the practice range. And I go up to him and said, “What are you doing? Come on.” He said, “I’m just going to hit about ten shots, just to confirm.” And that’s what he was doing. And that’s what you do. That’s what you have to do.”

Watson figured it out, and will be playing the weekend at Hoylake.

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–Bernie D’Amato