Ice Bucket Challenge is taking the golf world by storm
By Bernie D'Amato under Humor


According to an article on the Back9Network.com, the Ice Bucket Challenge did not originate in the golf world, but the golf world is perfecting it. Rickie Fowler was called out by one of his buddies in the extreme sports world, Supercross legend Jeremy McGrath, and buckets of cold water started to fly from golf courses to hotel rooms to swimming pools to parking lots.

Several PGA Tour players have called out each other with the most epic one being Ian Poulter giving the nod to Tiger Woods. The 14-time major champ has not answered the call yet, and will have to donate a $100 to Poulter’s charity of choice if he fails to take the challenge by the end of the day.

The LPGA players are also naming each other in the challenge, and Gary Williams of the Golf Channel was called out by Keegan Bradley.

Bradley met the challenge, but his bucket is probably the weakest we have seen so far. Video courtesy of keeganbradley1:

Here is Gary Williams taking the challenge like a champ, courtesy of GolfChannel.com:

I also think the LPGA players should get props for doing the challenge on the driving range. Here is Michelle Wie at the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship, courtesy of themichellewie: