Kaymer: “It’s not easy to play with Keegan”
By Bernie D'Amato under General
Keegan's shuffle. ©USGA/John Mummert

Keegan’s shuffle. ©USGA/John Mummert

Keegan Bradley has developed a distinct preshot routine where he rocks back and forth to ease himself into the address position. It is working for Keegan at the U.S. Open with consecutive 69s over the first two rounds, but one of his playing competitors finds the routine difficult to deal with.

When asked about Keegan’s preshot routine during the post round press conference, Martin Kaymer said, “Different. Not a nice question, I can only lose here. I mean, it’s not easy to play with Keegan; I must admit that. Because sometimes he takes a little bit more time and sometimes he takes a little bit less time, so it’s quite difficult to adjust. But we know that. I played with Keegan the last few years many times, so we know that his preshot routine can change. Yes.”

Kaymer’s game hasn’t been affected at all. He has set the U.S. Open record for the lowest 36-hole total at 130.

Kaymer’s score of 10-under currently leads Kevin Na by six strokes.

Here is a video of the “Keegan Dance,” courtesy of NBC Sports: