Rickie Fowler’s tribute to Payne Stewart
By Bernie D'Amato under US Open


Rickie Fowler decided to honor Payne Stewart, the great champion of the ’99 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, by wearing knickers during his opening round.

Before the start of the first round, Fowler released a statement about the legendary golfer:


This week you can’t help but think about Payne Stewart and his win at the ’99 US Open. I thought wearing the knickers, a look he was so famous for, would be a nice way to honor and remember such a huge golf icon, and someone I’ve always admired and looked up to. He had such an impact on the game both on and off the course; always gracious, win or lose. We will all be thinking about him this week.

Rickie is off to a solid start with ten straight pars, he started on the back nine.

–Bernie D’Amato