Report: Phil Mickelson gets thumbs up from federal authorities
By Bernie D'Amato under General


According to ESPN.com, Phil Mickelson has been cleared from an investigation involving trades of Clorox shares. The investigation involving “well-timed” trades of Dean Foods stock is still underway, but no charges have been filed.

Mickelson has said that he didn’t do anything wrong, and his statements are proving truthful amid the reports today.

According to another report by Mathew Goldstein and Ben Protess of Dealbook (A financial news service produced by The New York Times), Mickelson will not be criminally charged as the investigation into Dean Foods moves forward. Instead, the authorities are questioning Mickelson about sports gambler William T. Walters:

Mr. Mickelson, a three-time winner of the Masters golf tournament who is set to compete on Thursday at the United States Open, received some assurances from the government itself. An F.B.I. agent, two of the people briefed on the matter said, has informed Mr. Mickelson that the government is seeking information from him about Mr. Walters and has no plans to criminally charge him. That did not stop the government, which has not accused anyone of wrongdoing in the investigation and ultimately might not file either a criminal or a civil case, from making a pitch to secure Mr. Mickelson’s cooperation. F.B.I. agents have twice approached him out of the blue, the people said, once at an airport and once on a golf course at a tournament.

Goldstein and Protess went on to say The New York Times mistakenly reported on Mickelson’s involvement in the Clorox investigation based on information provided by “other people briefed on the matter who have since acknowledged making a mistake:”

Although Mr. Icahn and Mr. Walters remain under investigation over Clorox, the F.B.I. and the Securities and Exchange Commission have found no evidence that Mr. Mickelson traded Clorox shares. The overstated scope of the investigation came from information provided to The Times by other people briefed on the matter who have since acknowledged making a mistake.

After shooting an even-par 70 in the first round of the U.S. Open, Phil was asked about the recent reports. He said, “I just got off the golf course. But I’ll continue to say, I haven’t done anything wrong. And if there’s — I’m willing to help out, love to help out any way on the investigation. So like I said before, with an investigation going on, I’m not going to comment any further on it. But I’ll continue to say that I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.”

–Bernie D’Amato