Tiger Woods Design breaking into U.S. market in Summer 2014
By Bernie D'Amato under Tiger Woods

A proven winner takes aim at course design

Tiger Woods will be designing his first golf course in the United States this summer.  The course will be located in a development called Bluejack National, which is in Montgomery, Texas (outside of Houston).  Tiger Woods Design plans to complete the 18-hole course in the fall of 2015, and will also be adding a a nine-hole “short course.”

According to, the first TW Design will replace the former course on the property called Blaketree National Golf Club.  The stated purpose of a completely new design is “to make the best use of the area’s spectacular terrain and natural view corridors.”  The terrain includes “755 acres of gently rolling and beautifully wooded countryside dotted with natural lakes and streams.”

There is no doubt that adding Tiger Woods to the project will help the developer, Beacon Land Development, sell the “nearly 400 private residences.”  TW is all about quality, and I’m sure the golf course will be a great test.

In addition to the golf, there are several amenities that will make Bluejack National an exciting place to live.  A movie theater, bowling alley, and archery range are a few of the perks.  There is no word if Woods will be offering private lessons…yet!

–Bernie D’Amato (@bdamato711)

(Photo: Reuters)