Adam Scott chats about his secret wedding
By Stephanie Wei under Gossip
Scott is officially off the market!

Scott is officially off the market!

A day after Adam Scott revealed he had married his longtime girlfriend, Swedish architect Marie Kojzar, the 2013 Masters champ shared some details of the wedding held in the backyard of his home in the Bahamas.

In this day and age, it’s quite incredible Scott was able to keep his wedding a secret for three weeks. However, it was so hush-hush that even some of his closest friends didn’t attend, like Justin Rose, who missed it because he received an invitation for a “garden party” — not a wedding. 

“We just said we were having a party, so come on over,” said Scott after posting a three-under 69 in the third round at The Players.  “So then, they had no idea that it was going to happen.  So that was the fun little game for me and Marie to play for awhile, planning it and stuff.”

Scott, who is extremely private, was married on April 17, the Thursday after he placed T14 at the Masters.

“We just wanted it to be a secret for the day and then we haven’t told anyone to keep it a secret since, but I think people didn’t want to do the wrong thing by me,” said Scott, laughing. “So I’ve got them right where I want them.”

Scott and Kojzar’s parents knew about the wedding, but they were sworn to secrecy.

The couple isn’t much for convention — Scott and Kojzar didn’t have a formal engagement (and Kojzar wore a “non-traditional” dress).

“We just decided over a conversation,” he said.  “We thought it was time, so we did it.”

The newlyweds do have wedding rings, though Scott wasn’t wearing it when he showed up to TPC Sawgrass.

“I’ve never played with one, so I wasn’t going to start this week,” he said.  “We’ll see if it makes it to the course or not.”

They also skipped going on a conventional honeymoon.

“We figured we didn’t need a honeymoon, our life is pretty much like a honeymoon all the time,” said Scott.  “So there were no real plans for any of that.  We’ll just keep on going.”

Kojzar has never traveled to many tournaments  (if ever) and Scott said that was likely to stay the same.

“She’s busy,” he said. “She works hard, so she doesn’t travel much.”

And no, the women at TPC Sawgrass were not visibly in mourning now that Scott is officially off the market, but he he did hear fans wishing him well. 

“A few people yelling out,” said Scott. “It was good fun.  I’m glad everyone thinks it’s fun.  It’s been great for me.”

The 33-year-old Australian added that he’s enjoyed the first few weeks of married life.

“I’m only a couple weeks in, but I think it’s good for me,” said Scott.  “I think it really suits me.  I feel very comfortable with it and I don’t know that it really should change me too much.  But it’s exciting, looking to the future.”

(Photo: EPA)