Video: Rickie, DJ and Phil play the 17th at Sawgrass opposite-handed
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson played together in a practice round at TPC Sawgrass on Tuesday and decided to switch things up — literally — when they reached the iconic par-3 17th hole. 

As you can see in the video above via Instagram, Fowler and Johnson borrowed one of Phil’s clubs and hit their shots left-handed, while Phil did the same but right-handed, of course.

How did they do? Well, Rickie was shockingly good, not to mention the only of the three to reach the green, knocking it to a few feet. Dustin at least got the ball in the air and made somewhat solid contact.

Then, there was Phil, the master of silly trick shots who apparently needs to work on his right-handed swing. Instead of wowing the crowd, he straight topped it in the water. C’mon, Phil, you can do better than that! After all, he is actually right-handed.

Well played, guys, well played.