Tour pros think Tiger should’ve been DQ’d at Masters for “The Drop”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
The Drop heard 'round the golf world

The Drop heard ’round the golf world

The improper drop that Tiger Woods made on the 15th at Augusta National Golf Club during the second round of last year’s Masters just won’t go away.

Don’t ever expect it to, either. It’s in the history books, and thus far, it’s arguably the most (in)famous drop and/or controversial pardon ever. Let’s put it this way — it’s on the same level as the time when Bobby Jones called a penalty on himself, but unfortunately, the circumstances don’t paint Woods to be a hero filled with integrity. 

Sports Illustrated released its findings from its annual anonymous players’ poll. 200 Tour pros were asked, “Should Tiger have been DQ’d at the (2013) Masters?”

52% of Tiger’s fellow PGA Tour players voted “yes.” The guys on the Champions Tour appear more forgiving, with 54% of the 50-plus crew electing “no.” However, when asked if Woods should have withdrawn, 51% of the senior golfers said “yes.”

The pros were also asked if they thought the bold-faced names received special treatment at Augusta National. 64% said “yes.” Among the comments were:

“Yes, just like every other event.
“Well, they did change the course for Tiger.”
“I don’t think – I know.”

On the Champions Tour, only 46% voted yes, but one pro anonymously said, “Just Tiger.”

Meanwhile, among the juicier questions, there was one asking the pros if they thought Vijay SIngh should have been suspended by the Tour for admitting he used a banned substance.

Singh’s colleagues were less compassionate, with 64% of his fellow pros voting “yes.” The “off the record” comments included:

“I don’t know, but he certainly shouldn’t have filed a lawsuit.”
“No. What he did was not on purpose.”
“Yes, but not for very long.”

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