Report: Tiger Woods aims for return at Open Championship
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods
When Woods won at Hoylake, the site of this year's Open

When Woods last won at Hoylake, the site of this year’s Open

Tiger Woods is targeting to make his return to competition at the Open Championship, held this year at Royal Liverpool in July, according to GolfChannel.com.

Earlier this week, ESPN.com reported via Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg that the world no. 1 was practicing some “light chipping” and putting and his recovery from his back surgery on March 31st was going smoothly.

Steinberg added there was no exact timetable set, but did note it would be sometime this summer.

“But I expect it to be this summer. I know that’s a wide range, but as the weeks go by we’ll be able to pinpoint an approximate time. It’s still a little early for that. Nothing that has gone on from the day of the surgery until today gives me any pause to amend what I said then. I know that’s broad and vague but we can’t pinpoint a specific time until we’re further along.”

Golf Channel followed up with its sources on whether Woods was indeed planning to make his comeback to competitive golf at Royal Liverpool, which is often referred to his “Hoylake.” Shockingly, Steinberg didn’t give a direct answer and reiterated what he told ESPN.

He said “Absolutely no target date has been set,” but that Woods does intend to be back at some point this summer.

Woods has fond memories of the last time the Open Championship was held at Hoylake. He won in the 2006 edition, hitting driver only once in the entire tournament and beating Chris DiMarco by two shots.

Let’s hope Tiger gets back to competing sooner rather than later! — but, of course, we want him 100% healthy.

Meanwhile, apparently, Tiger’s ex-wife Elin Nordegren and current girlfriend Lindsey Vonn are BFFs. Okay, maybe slight exaggeration, but pictures show that there is no ill will between the two ladies. Here’s a photo of the trio at Tiger’s son’s tee-ball game, via TMZSports.com:

Woods, Elin and Vonn

The report added, “Long story short … no one got hit with a golf club … and for this group, that’s progress.”

Oh, snaps! Or low blow?

(Sports Illustrated/Robert Beck)