Vonn: “(Tiger’s) a teddy bear!”
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods
Vonn talks Tiger
While Tiger Woods was playing in the Dubai Desert Classic this past weekend, his skier girlfriend Lindsey Vonn made the rounds at the Super Bowl parties in NYC.

On the red carpet during ESPN’s party Friday, Vonn, who is coming off a recent knee surgery, was asked about her upcoming Valentine’s Day plans with Woods.

(Watch video here.)

She told E! that her focus has been on her surgery and rehabbing and he’s competing, but he would “maybe” surprise her like he did last year. Then, when the interviewer called Woods a “romantic,” Vonn gushed, “He’s a teddy bear!” 

I…am not sure how to react to that statement. Um, could’ve fooled us?!? Well, we know there’s a private side of Woods he doesn’t let the public see. Obviously.

We’ve learned a lot about Tiger through Vonn. Last fall in an interview with Katie Couric, Vonn described Woods as “dorky goofy.”

Vonn will miss this month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi due to her knee injury. Although it’s rather unfortunate, Woods told reporters in Dubai last week that he’s glad Vonn isn’t taking the risk.

“No, I’m relieved she’s not competing because of the situation in her knee,” he said. “It was very unstable. She alluded to me that it was unstable just walking, so doing 80mph and doing a hard turn, I don’t think that’s really the wisest thing to do.”