2014 Hyundai ToC second-round bits: Zach’s steady play gives him 3-shot lead
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
Zach attack

Zach attack

Zach Johnson fired a seven-under 66 to get to -13 at the halfway mark, taking a three-shot lead over Dustin Johnson, Matt Kuchar and Jordan Spieth. Most intriguing part of Zach’s somewhat “boring” round? He didn’t make birdie on any of the par-5s!

Q.  Dustin, if I remember correctly, said this is a course that he could reach all the fives, a couple of short fours that he could get upanddown and he should be able to shoot a good score today.  You just shot a 66 with no birdies on the par 5; is that right? 


Q.  Comments, please. 

ZACH JOHNSON:  I would say I’m up by three gross and up by eight or nine net, based on that rationale.

I don’t know, I mean, if I drive it decent here, I know it sounds  driver probably isn’t the most important club here just because of the reading of the grain and the putts.  Clearly the putter is the most important.

But getting the ball in the fairway for me so I can have spin on it is a premium here.  Hitting fairways is a premium here for me.  I have a lot of wedges.  I mean, 1 today, I couldn’t quite get it down there.  I didn’t hit a very good drive, so that was a long putt.  A couple par 3s, you’re getting long irons, but 3,4,5 is a par 5  I hit 5iron there and should have hit six.  Even 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, those are all wedges.  Outside from maybe 17, if that’s downwind I could be hitting a 7iron in there.

Aside from maybe 17, every hole there, I feel like I can be  I mean, I’m hitting 8irons to wedges.  So that’s certainly where my instance has got to be; I’m getting the ball in the fairway.

Sorry, guys, but I have to run to take care of something, so I’ll update this space later because I have some fun bytes to share, like how Matt Kuchar is spending a month in Hawaii with his family — he’s heading to the Big Island following the tournament.

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