Video: The Short Game debuts on Netflix!
By Stephanie Wei under Junior Golf


Watch the trailer below for “The Short Game” and it’ll make you smile while you’re slaving away in your cubicle. Then, when you get home tonight, watch the full documentary on Netflix and you’ll be inspired and smile again. And again.


Here’s the description:

Some of the greatest golfers in the world are just 7 years old.

Most of them can’t reach a book from the top shelf, but they can rival Tiger Woods’ backswing. Eight junior golfers tee off towards victory at North Carolina’s prestigious Pinehurst golf course in this delightful documentary that reveals what it takes for a grade-schooler to navigate parents, coaches and their pint-size rivals to hit the perfect game and secure a potential future as a professional golfer.

It’s incredibly well done, gives you a peek into the competitive world of junior golfers, and it’s simply adorable.