Tiger Woods’ half-brother calls in fake bomb threat
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Who thinks calling in a fake bomb threat is a “joke”? Apparently Earl Woods Jr., the estranged half-brother of world no. 1 golfer Tiger Woods, according to local news reports in Phoenix

Woods. Jr., who works(ed) at the Department of Economic Security, called in the threat on Thursday morning. The building was evacuated by more than 100 people before Earl confessed to his “joke.” He was arrested and booked on charges of attempting to terrify, intimidate, threaten or harass others.

Um, all I have to say is how embarrassing for the Woods family (hey, it is the holidays, after all?!). However, Tiger is not close or in contact with that side of his family, other than his niece Cheyenne, Earl Jr.’s daughter. Oh, man, poor girl. Let’s move along now…