Duval to consider other career options if he doesn’t play well enough in 2014
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
Stuck in a bunker he can't get out of?

Duval: Stuck in a bunker he can’t get out of?

David Duval used to be atop the golfing world, but he’s fallen a long ways in the past decade due to injuries and what-have-you. Now, he’s thinking about throwing the clubs in the garage and keeping them there if the upcoming season doesn’t pan out.

The former world no. 1 took to Twitter on Tuesday and announced he was seeking sponsor exemptions on the PGA Tour in 2014. However, he said that if he didn’t do what it took to keep his card — and he’s excited about the work he’s done with Chris O’Connell, Matt Kuchar’s swing coach, over the past year — he would no longer be asking for any more handouts going forward. He added the potential of “doing something else.” 

Duval has three starts under his belt in the 2013-14 season so far. His best finish was T75 at the OHL Classic at Mayokoba and he missed the cut at the other two. In 2013 he made eight starts and survived to play the weekend only at the Reno-Tahoe Open, where he placed T66. Since 2002, he’s only finished in the top 125 on the money list once and secured four top tens, including T2 at the 2009 U.S. Open.

In a series of 14 tweets, here’s Duval’s full statement:

At the start of 2013 I had hoped to play and regain status. After playing a little on the west coast I realized I needed to get better. I talked to some close friends and decided to seek the help of Chris O. The work we have done in the 8+ months I am very pleased with. The restoration of my golf swing and of my hitting has been great.

Unfortunately I have had nothing to show for it. I believe 100 percent in what I’m doing. The hitting can’t be denied. With that bring said, at some point you must take ownership of what and how you are doing thing.

I had thought about playing in Europe next year but that really is not an option with the dedication I have to my wife and kids. Susie and the support she has giving me is the reason I still believe in myself. With all this being said I am hoping to play a PGA tour schedule. I believe in the work I’m found and the progress I have made. Chris O has been instrumental in helping me understand how and why I hit the golf ball well.

I will be asking for exemptions in 2014. The things is though that I believe you have to own what you are doing and where you are going. I believe 100 percent I’m doing right. With all that bring said I wish to state without hesitation that 2014 is the last time I will ask for exemptions. I will be asking for starts but this is the last time. I think that if I can have a 20 event schedule then it’s up to me to get my status.

As a player you need to perform and if I don’t do that in 2014 I will do something else. Thanks for the support. Goodnight.

Some may have interpreted his tweets as a retirement announcement, but Duval clarified in two tweets on Wednesday evening:

Last nights tweets were not a retirement announcement. They were a statement of what I believe. You can only ask for so many chances…I’m asking for one more chance next year. After that I won’t ask again. It’s up to me to perform.

Sounds very rational and level-headed. He’s not entitled to any more special favors, nor does he expect them. The poor play and “asking” for sponsors exemptions have to wear on you.

Here are his series of tweets from the past two days:















Here’s hoping Duval finds his way back toward success on the PGA Tour and 2014 isn’t the last we see of him. On a related note, I wonder if he’d consider giving television a try. As we know, many former players who have hung up their clubs have transitioned nicely from playing to analyzing their former colleagues.