Happy Tuesday: Gifted rapper
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

You may have already seen the video above here or here, but it’s new to us here at WUP. The weather sucks today (not just in NYC, I’m told)  — it’s snowing. Hard. Snow usually makes me smile, but not when it’s freezing and you have to trudge through it, so this video of six-year-old Caleb C.’s new rap song, “Puttin’ 101,” will definitely brighten your day, wherever you are. 

Some of our favorite lyrics include (thanks to T.J. Auclair of for transcribing!):

Class is in session for a lesson,
The putter that goes first is the one that’s furthest from the pin.
Not sayin’ I’m the best at golf,
Just sayin’ I’m a pint-sized rapper who putts like a Boss.
Just sayin’ NO SLOW PLAYIN’
Set up and putt with NO DELAYIN’.


My ball lives in the cup… it’s a resident,
I play more golf than the president!

Let’s make a WUP challenge — can anyone make a rap video outdoing Caleb? I DARE YOU.