Videos and photos: 2014 Nike Innovation Summit, part Rory
By Stephanie Wei under Australian Tour

You’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, and lastly, we have Part Rory.

Rory McIlroy overcame a four-shot deficit at the start of the final round to beat Adam Scott on the 72nd hole at Royal Sydney and win the Australian Open, his first victory in 2013. We spent the day with McIlroy last week in Las Vegas at TPC Summerlin, where Rory talked about getting dialed in with the latest equipment from Nike Golf, along with his increased performance since putting the new clubs and ball in his bag.

Here now, check out Rory talking about playing with the new RZN Black ball:

“I loved the ball that I was playing with,” said McIlroy last week at a media event. “The only thing that I wanted that I wanted a little differently was the sound…it sounded harder than it felt, if that makes sense. I wanted something that felt similar but maybe just sounded a little duller. It’s a more efficient golf ball with the technology and I’m getting more out of it. I’m half a club longer with the irons and full speed on with the driver.”

Next, Rory talks about his new 3-wood:

Rory also talked about his increased distance with his new Covert 2.0 irons and driver and gaining distance and more control with the RZN Black ball:

“My stock ball speed has always been around 180,” said McIlroy. “Until the start of this year, I always had to go after it to get it to 180. But now, with this driver (Covert 2.0) and the combination of the ball, it’s 183-184 as a stock. I hit some on the Trackman in Dubai and I was getting it to 185 if I was going after it…

“My carry distance is also up…Anything 310-315 yards, I feel comfortable carrying it with the driver.”

You’ve probably seen this by now because I’ve posted it a few times, but I sat down and spoke with Rory about his new equipment and expectations.

Rory also had a putting lesson with Dave Stockton Sr. last Friday in Vegas. This isn’t footage of the lesson, but Stockton imparts some of his valuable advice (and ramblings) — and likely some of what he told Rory — in these next two videos:

Finally, Rory has a putting challenge with Brian Katrek and Matt Adams of Sirius XM Radio.

“I’m so glad I two-putted that!” said Rory, with a massive smile, as we walked back up the hall to the interview room.

Clearly, as we saw at the Australian Open, the work he’s done with his putting paid off. Somewhere Dave Stockton Sr. — and Rory, for that matter — are smiling.

Lastly, here’s a gallery of some photos from the day at TPC Summerlin…(click on the image to enlarge):