Apparently Tiger Woods spent the day skiing with Lindsey Vonn
By Stephanie Wei under Gossip
Tiger and Lindsey hitting the slopes

Tiger and Lindsey hitting the slopes

Tiger Woods has some downtime before his tournament, the World Challenge, the first week of December, and it seems he’s been spotted hitting the slopes with Olympic skier girlfriend Lindsey Vonn in Breckenridge, Colorado, on Wednesday.  Olympic champion skier Bode Miller was upset he missed the couple — apparently he really wanted to ski with them:

Then, four-time Olympic skier Sarah Schleper spotted the two of them and even snapped a photo:

I’m glad Tiger, a seasoned skier, is getting some skiing lessons from Lindsey and having fun in his off-time, but given his history of injuries — especially the ones that have plagued him the past few years (Achilles, wrist, elbow, back, neck, etc.) — I’m not sure Woods trying to chase his girlfriend down the slopes is the best idea in the world.

I mean, it even makes me a little worried about his physical health! I know it’s not his first time skiing, but that makes me more nervous because it increases the chance that he’ll play hero and do something stupid to injure himself. TIGER, STICK TO THE BUNNY SLOPES!

But hey, c’est la vie, right?