Tony Kornheiser looks “outstanding” as Lindsey Vonn
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Tony and Mike

The guys over at Pardon the Interruption had some fun on Halloween, with co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon dressing up as Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods, respectively.

I must say the ESPN panelists make a lovely couple, particularly dressed up as the Olympic champion skier and the 14-time major champion golfer. I mean, who couldn’t imagine Kornheiser as a ski bunny?!?

Even Lindsey and Woods chimed in with their thoughts:


Golf claps! I was thankfully kind of under a rock for Halloween this year — though they do celebrate in Shanghai and hype it up just as big as they do in the States perhaps — but Kornheiser and Wilbon get my vote for best dressed couple this year.