Hold the presses: Brandel apologizes to Tiger via Twitter!
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods


Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee got himself in some hot water, so to speak  — depending on how you look at it — after penning a column on Golf.com implying that Tiger Woods was a cheater and had been “cavalier with the rules.” His piece was so boldly worded that Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg told ESPN.com in a statement that Team Tiger was considering “legal action.”

Then Brandel stood by his comments in an email to the Associated Press.

But wait!

Now let’s turn to Twitter. Because that’s where we get the most accurate news, anyways!




In other words, I’m taking the high road and I should’ve worded my column better.

And me, you ask? I’m so over this story. #sillyseason #slownewsweeks

(Photo via Golf.com)