Video: Tiger ain’t no scaredy cat
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Scare Tiger? Afraid not. Well, turns out Lindsey Vonn attempting to scare boyfriend Tiger Woods is a game they play, as the Olympic skier explains in the video above. 

One of the biggest stars at the Presidents Cup was Davis Love III’s little friend, Sammy the Squirrel, and one of the most memorable moments of the matches was when Vonn tried to startle Woods by putting the critter on his neck last Thursday at Muirfield Village.

“I tried to scare Tiger, but it didn’t quite work out — he was too focused on Jordan (Spieth’s) shot,” said Vonn in an interview at a press event last week. “He doesn’t scare easy, so I’m always trying to find ways to scare him. Clearly, that was a failed attempt, but he thought it was really funny, and it was cute.”

Never thought I’d say this (or write this) aloud, but I think I really like Vonn and Woods as a couple — they’re cute.