2013-14 PGA Tour season kicks off with caddie carousel
By Stephanie Wei under Caddies


With the introduction of the wraparound schedule, it doesn’t really seem like a brand new season, but it is — the 2013-14 season kicks off with the Frys.com Open on Thursday, which is *crazy* because it feels like the 2013 season just ended the other day. Oh, wait, it kind of did.

Still, it’s that time of the year again, where players and caddies are breaking up and hooking up.

Players and caddies split all the time (and also get back together sometimes after a “break”). Imagine the start of the season, as well as certain periods throughout the year, when it’s “time for a change.” It’s like high school, where it’s not uncommon  that at some point one of your friends is going to date one of your exes and vice versa.  After all, it’s a limited pool you’re dealing with. 


It’s been a tough couple of weeks for most guys — whether it be player or caddie — initiating “the talk.” For a few, tears have even be shed. It’s never easy. However, perhaps for some less-sensitive dudes, it’s been like trading baseball cards.

According to various sources at the Frys.com Open this week, there have been a number of separations and divorces, along with some new relationships blossoming — new faces with new bags, so to speak. You know, like the often awkward get-to-know-you phase, not to mention some guys are probably still in “mourning” and readjusting to parting ways with their loopers.

Here’s a list of players, their new caddies and their former caddies (if available). Please email me — steph[dot]wei[at]gmail[dot]com (or text) — if you have any to add to this preliminary list…

  • PLAYER: Gary Woodland
    • EX: Jon Yarbrough
    • THE NEW GUY: Tony Navarro
  • PLAYER: Kyle Stanley
    • EX: Dave Woosley
    • NEW: Jon Yarbrough
  • PLAYER: Bud Cauley
    • EX: Tony Navarro
    • NEW: Unknown
  • PLAYER: John Peterson
    • EX: Unknown
    • NEW: Scott Gneiser (formerly with David Toms)
  • PLAYER: Charlie Wi
    • EX: Mark Urbanek
    • NEW: Mal Baker
  • PLAYER: Brian Harman
    • EX: John Davenport
    • NEW: Scott Tway, aka “Country”
  • PLAYER: Josh Teater
    • EX: Mike Hicks
    • NEW: Mark Urbanek
  • PLAYER: Chris Kirk
    • EX: Scott Tway
    • NEW: Bill Harke

I’m sure there will be quite a few to add to this draft. I know several guys are auditioning for new bags.