Confessions of a Presidents Cup Streaker
By Stephanie Wei under Humor
Pres Cup streaker in the police station at MV

Pres Cup streaker in the police station at MV

Kimberly Webster, now infamously known as the “Presidents Cup streaker, showed her patriotism when she stripped and streaked past Steve Stricker and Ernie Els on the 18th tee, while yelling, “Streaking for Stricker,” “Baba-booey,” “Team America,” “USA, USA,” and simply whatever came out of her mouth.

How did this idea all come about? Well, it started as a joke, of course. After all, wouldn’t it be funny and wouldn’t it add some excitement to the dreary, weather-delayed Presidents Cup if someone went streaking at Muirfield Village?

“I thought, imagine if someone streaked through this, it’d be hilarious, so we joked about it,” said Webster, who was temping for a catering company in a hospitality tent, during a phone interview on Monday.

“I wanted to add a little excitement to golf because everyone seemed kind of depressed and like they weren’t having fun because of the weather. I hadn’t been to a lot of sporting events…I just thought it would be interesting to try something like this.

“The top streakers of all time were all men, so I decided I wanted to change that…It was golf — it’s quiet and boring — and it was to make the top streakers of all time (as a woman).”

We can’t completely disagree with that. And, you go, girl!

After work, she went back to her grandmother’s home — whom she’s staying with to help take care of her — and pondered the idea. Her main concern was whether she would get into trouble with the authorities, particularly if she would be charged as some sort of “sex offender,” said the 23-year-old native of Plainville, Mass.

She called her cop buddy and asked him about the potential criminal charges. He said probably “disorderly conduct,” but he wasn’t sure of the State of Ohio’s particular laws on streaking, but assured her she most likely wouldn’t get arrested or into any serious trouble. He even offered to pay the fine if she went through with it.

Webster recently moved to Columbus to help take care of her 82-year-old grandmother after spending the summer back home in Plainville. Then, she drove cross-country from Massachusetts back to Los Angeles, where she had been working at a luxury hotel in Santa Monica, with only $1,000. Asked if she’d describe herself as a “free spirit,” she replied promptly, “Oh, definitely!”

You can say that again.

After work on Saturday, Webster stopped by a Walmart, where she found the stickers that she placed over her nipples. The only patriotic ones she could find were scrapbooking stickers. She also purchased an American flag.

Originally, she planned to streak in front of Tiger Woods because of, well, his sex scandal, of course, but then she realized the Americans only needed 3.5 points to win the Presidents Cup, so she wasn’t sure if he’d even make it to 17 — which was near the Memorial Pavilion, where she was working for the week.

“I didn’t think Tiger was going to make it to hole 17, so I was looking through the list of players for the Americans and I saw Stricker, and I thought, ‘Streaking for Stricker,’ kind of rhymed,” said Webster.

(As we reported on Sunday, Stricker actually thought about tackling her for a moment.)

By the time she’d gotten ready for her big streaking moment, Stricker had already teed off on 17, so she improvised and sprinted to 18 with her grandmother’s rain jacket and black dress pants, along with “knock-off Toms” shoes.

She blended into the crowd and waited between a group of guys by the crosswalk from the 17th green to the 18th tee. While she waited, she suddenly realized what she was about to do and just told herself to go for it, so she dropped her pants, ripped open the rain jacket and just took off running.

Since her original plan for 17 had been foiled and she had to sprint from the 17th to the 18th, she ran out of breath — which is why she finds it so amusing how everyone has commented on how her quick stride — and couldn’t run up the entire 18th hole, so she just dodged into the woods.

“I didn’t realize how fast I was going, I had no idea,” said Webster. “I was planning on streaking on the 17th, I hadn’t seen 18, so I didn’t know how long it was…the day before I was working, I made my original plan to run through 17 because there are some houses around there and I planned on jumping through someone’s backyard so I wouldn’t get caught.”

As I mentioned on Sunday, the cops eventually caught her, but what happened from there? Oh, not a whole lot. She was brought to the temporary police station (no handcuffs) and she received a $99 fine (misdemeanor).

“The cops kept asking me, ‘Are you intoxicated? Are you on drugs? Who are you working for?'” recalled Webster.

Besides adrenaline, she was dead sober.

She wasn’t fingerprinted, nor did she have a mug shot taken. Then, they told her she was free to go and that she could pick up her clothes at Gate 16.

“I was like, “Am I really allowed back on the golf course? I’m surprised they didn’t ban me from going to that golf course,” said Webster.

Wait, what about her clothes?

“(The cops) gave me a sheet and I made a toga and they were like, Really? A toga now?, she recounted. “And I thought, ‘Well I should be fashionable and what else should I do with this sheet?”


Presidents Cup hat for the PresCupStreaker

Presidents Cup hat for the PresCupStreaker

When I first called Kimberly, she asked if she could call me back because she had cut her foot open — an injury she endured since her shoes fell off as she streaked across the 18th hole.

“There was a thorn in my foot from yesterday running in the woods,” she explained.

Oh, right, of course.

She promised to call back and she did indeed. In fact, she was on her way to pick up the clothes she had left behind at Muirfield Village (see below). We spoke again after our initial conversation and after her clothes were back in her “custody.”

Webster raved about the kind staff members at the course that helped her out.

“They’re so nice there at Muirfield Village,” she said. “They wanted me to take a picture with them carrying me in their arms on the 18th green. Three of them had me sign an autograph of a photo of me.”

When she saw a picture of her on a wall, she was shocked.

“That’s our wall of shame,” a lady informed her.

Webster didn’t care.

“At least I made it.”


Webster says she’s overwhelmed with the overload media requests. Kim doesn’t even have Facebook and started a Twitter last night. You can follow her here

She retrieved her clothes on Monday and walked away with a souvenir

She retrieved her clothes on Monday and walked away with a souvenir