Back to your regularly scheduled programming…
By Stephanie Wei under Announcements


As my regular readers know, I’ve been home in Seattle for a high school event the past week, and I don’t get back there often, so it gets pretty busy between hanging out with my parents and friends (and playing golf, etc.), and this time, an induction ceremony. Sorry for the late notification on why I haven’t been on top of things recently.

I’m back, though! Almost! I’ll be back to my regular routine of Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, writing posts here, so tune in this week. I’m currently waiting for delayed flight to Chicago en route to Columbus for the Presidents Cup. 

Fingers crossed that I don’t run into any bumps along the way, but Ryan Ballengee of the Golf News Net and I will be hosting a #WUPHangout (live video chat, with Q&A segment) at 5pm EST (approximately). I’ll be live from Muirfield Village and have the inside bits for you, so tune in! We might even have a special guest…

*Update: Due to scheduling issues, we’re rescheduling the Hangout for tomorrow (hopefully).

One more thing: Remember when I requested questions for my new “Hey, Wei!” column? Well, I’ve only gotten THREE in the past month. C’mon guys, we can do better than that. (Otherwise, I might start digging in the archives for some real entertaining emails I’ve received in the past. Actually, never mind, no entertainment until you guys put in your part…Kidding. Kind of.)

Email me at “WeiUnderPar@gmail.com” or you can even Facebook me (under the post where I request questions).