Video: Phil pulls off ridiculous flop shot
By Stephanie Wei under FedEx Cup

From an awful lie in the patchy rough just short of the 11th green on the right, Phil Mickelson showed off his short game wizardry. He used the backstop behind the flag and landed the ball about 18 feet past the pin and let it roll back down to two feet. He tapped-in to save par.

“I could describe it, but nobody is going to understand that,” said Phil. “It was a really good shot…I’ve not seen anybody else hit that shot, to be able to spin it back from that distance and lob it. It sure looks good.”  

As Phil and his playing partners, Tiger Woods and Adam Scott, walked off the 11th green, they gave Phil props and were even laughing because it was such a ridiculously good shot to pull off.

“It was pretty impressive, because Bones was telling us that it wasn’t that great a lie,” said Tiger, when asked what he said to Phil. “It was a decent lie, but to go ahead and try to play that shot with that much speed, and didn’t have a whole lot of room up there, obviously you could see from the angle.  But he pulled it off.

“And then he was struggling through that little stretch there.  But he held the round together, and had a nice finish at the end.”

Though Mickelson wasn’t sure how to explain the shot, he tried his best when pressed.

“Still the angle of attack and the face angle and the weight — all that stuff factored in to be able to come off right,” he said.  “And it came off perfect.  It’s not a very high percentage shot.  I got lucky that it didn’t hit a tree and go in the hazard.  That ball was headed so far right.  And to even have a chance, and then pulled it off, it wasn’t an easy shot.”