Gary Player still posable after all these years
By Stephanie Wei under General


ESPN The Magazine has released the first photos from their annual “Body Issue,” which features athletes posing nude to celebrate their amazing bodies. Each year at least one golfer is spotlighted, and this time — as you can see in the photo above — it is 77-year-old Gary Player.

Now, you might think that it’s a curious decision to choose — for lack of a better term — an old man, but if you know anything about the nine-time major champ who hails from South Africa, then it makes absolutely perfect sense. Player is known as a fitness freak, who, to this day, still does 1,000 sit-ups and push-ups every morning.

Not that I’m exactly checking him out, but damn, if I look anywhere near as fit as Player does when I’m in my 70s, then I’ll be extremely ecstatic.

More power to you, Mr. Player. Now excuse me while I hit the gym.