Bubba’s hovercraft golf cart coming soon to an Ohio golf course
By Stephanie Wei under Equipment
Bubba's Hover

Bubba’s Hover

Remember when Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft golf cart debuted and you and every person on the planet — even guys who don’t like golf — were like, ” OMG, that’s siiiiiick!”?

Well, Windy Knoll GC in Springfield, Ohio, will become the first course in the United States to feature two Neoteric Golf hovercrafts for use as golf carts starting on July 27.

Windy Knoll is a public, links-style course, which was built on the site of a former thoroughbred horse farm. So, after Managing Director Pete Duffey watched Bubba cruising the fairways in a hovercraft, he decided to make golf history with a different kind of horsepower.

“We wanted to be able to offer something no other course could,” Duffey said. “A way to further put Windy Knoll Golf Club on the map of public destination golf courses. It was an easy decision. When we saw them on YouTube, we said ‘We gotta have those!’”

Duffey believes the purchase of the hovercrafts as an opportunity to make Windy Knoll the go-to venue for special events in Ohio and eastern Indiana and perhaps even  beyond. In other words, these high-tech carts won’t be for daily, public use.

“We rely on golf scramble events throughout the season and the hovers offer yet another incentive for the entities scheduling and organizing the events to have them at Windy Knoll,” he said. “Our preliminary plans are to offer the hovers to the events for an additional fee. We also plan to come up with a VIP golf package for foursomes wishing to use them.

“They will definitely not be for the average everyday group of golfers.”

I wonder if they’d let a writer play a round of golf riding in a hovercraft for a story? Now wouldn’t you want to read about that??

If, for some reason, you’ve been living in the jungle the last couple of months and you didn’t see the YouTube video of Bubba’s Hover, here it is: