Fan shouts “fried chicken” at Sergio Garcia
By Stephanie Wei under US Open

Sergio Garcia was preparing to tee off the 11th, his first hole in the third round of the U.S. Open, when a spectator hollered, “fried chicken” as he was about to hit. <cringe> As expected, Sergio has received grief from vociferous Philly fans at Merion this week, and when security asked if he wanted the hecklers tossed out, he’s declined

But that might be the least of Garcia’s troubles.

On the 15th hole, Sergio smacked not one, not even two, but *three* tee shots out-of-bounds. He ended up posting a sextuple-bogey 10.

This wasn’t the first time this week that Sergio ran into trouble on the 15th hole. On Thursday, Sergio whacked two balls out-of-bounds on nos. 14 and 15, but managed to bounce back and post a respectable three-over 73.

Garcia has apologized repeatedly for his unfortunate “fried chicken” comment directed at Tiger Woods several weeks ago, but Woods hasn’t per se forgiven him.