Round one WTF: runaway balls and wicker baskets (video)
By Conor Nagle under US Open


As a funky little layout with a handful of quaint ideosyncrasies, Merion was never going to go quietly into the US Open wilderness. The first round was heavy on YouTube-ready weirdness, a great deal of it blighting the efforts of one Lee John Westwood.

First there was the long-iron he sent careening into the grandstand flanking the sixth green. It was plucked from the air by a kid wearing a catcher’s mitt. The Vine sequence says it all, really: bemusement all ’round.

Later, he was on the receiving end of this collision with one of the club’s trademark wicker baskets:

All the strange stuff didn’t just happen to the Englishman, of course; there was plenty to go around.

Carl Pettersen was settling over his approach to the fifth hole this morning when a rogue tee shot from an adjacent hole made off with his ball.

And finally, Kyle Stanley whiffed when trying to hit out of the hay on no. 6. He still shot 74, a very respectable score at the U.S. Open, especially with a whiff.

Conor Nagle