Caption this: Duffy needs relief…from an unfortunate case of #swampass
By Stephanie Wei under Humor
This is priceless

This is priceless

Oh, poor Duffy Waldorf! I almost feel bad, but this really is the worst case of #swampass I’ve ever seen. Thanks to Chris Harder for snapping the above picture of a dude taking a photo of Waldorf’s sweaty bottom.

Waldorf was playing in the final group at the Regions Tradition, a Champions Tour event, at Shoal Creek in Alabama, so he was getting tons of television time. Which was a little unfortunate because apparently he sweats a lot and he chose to wore khaki cotton pants (no, Duff, no!). 

I tweeted about my horror here and here, and naturally, Steve Elkington, who played with Waldorf in the first two rounds, replied and that started a funny conversation at Duffy’s expense (sorry, I’m sure you’re very nice!).

Many on Twitter suggested that Waldorf use “Gold Bond,” while Bo Van Pelt and Craig Perks recommended “Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.” Someone please hand him a bottle of either on the practice tee tomorrow. (Thanks from all Golf Channel viewers and tournament spectators!)

I’m looking forward to the cartoon that Elk will surely provide in the morning, but for now, let’s have a caption contest for the picture above (or any #swampass photos).