Nice effing pants: Tiger plays Merion in cargo shorts (!!!)
By Stephanie Wei under Nice Effing Pants



One of the handful of spectators that caught Tiger Woods practicing at Merion Golf Club for the upcoming U.S. Open snapped some photos of the golfer playing, who woke up and picked out cargo shorts for the occasion.

First of all, I’m not a fan of cargo shorts, so I don’t think they should be worn even at a local muni. Secondly, I feel like they’re not allowed at Merion, a very old, traditional club, if your name isn’t Tiger Woods. (Actually, just received confirmation from a member that cargo shorts aren’t typically permitted, but the course was technically closed yesterday and Woods was a guest of the USGA.)

I’m a fan of Merion’s dress code!

(Update: To be clear, I really don’t care what people wear when they play golf. I do think it is a bit obnoxious for clubs to prohibit cargo shorts. After all, most golf apparel is pretty offensive when you’re talking fashion.)