Overton breaks rule and whines about DQ
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour


Jeff Overton was disqualified in the third round at Colonial Invitational for using a putting aid on the practice green in between nines. With threesomes teeing off nos. 1 and 10 after the weather-suspended second round was finished Saturday morning, there was a backup on the 10th tee.

A PGA Tour rules official told Overton he could practice putting and chipping while he waited, but the official didn’t remind Overton that he couldn’t use a training aid. Overton, who was even par on the front nine, was informed of the DQ on the 11th hole.

Overton opened with scores of 67-69 and trailed the leader by seven shots at the time.

He was not happy with the unfortunate incident and he ranted on Twitter in a series of four tweets:



Well, that sucks, but he should have double-checked if he could use a putting alignment device. I mean, that’s a pretty basic one, though even veterans like Juli Inkster on the LPGA have made similar mistakes. In 2010 Inkster was disqualified from the Safeway Classic for using a weighted training aid on her club to loosen up after a long wait on the tee. (And since then, I’ll never forget that rule.)

“You can go to a designated practice area and chip and putt if you’d like while you are waiting to play,” said Mark Russell, PGA Tour vice president of rules and competition, via’s Randell Mell. “But you cannot use an artificial device. That’s what he did. The penalty for that is disqualification.

“He was playing a stipulated round,” Russell said. “During a stipulated round, you can’t use any type of artificial device or swing aid or alignment aid or anything like that. I mean, it’s a shame, but that’s the rule, not much we can do about it.”

Russell said another player informed rules officials of the infraction, but he wasn’t sure if that player was in the same group as Overton. In other words, he didn’t want to rat out the player who rightfully was protecting the field (which is what all competitors are supposed to do).

I’m sure Overton spent the rest of the weekend brushing up on the Rules of Golf, and he’ll take extra note of 14.3/10.2 — the one that led to the disqualification.

*Update: FWIW, according to a reliable source, Overton threw a tantrum the day before and took a massive chunk out of one of the putting greens (I think the 6th), but he didn’t get fined because a rules official wasn’t there to see it.

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