The saga that will not die: Tiger didn’t really lie, he was just confused
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
Tiger and Sergio: Not even frenemies, just enemies

Tiger and Sergio: Not even frenemies, just enemies

Honestly, I’m over this whole controversy. Which one? Oh, The Incident on the second hole in the third round of The Players Championship, where Sergio accused Tiger of purposely causing a disturbance. I mean, really! Well, I guess there’s a part of me that finds it comically intriguing. So, what’s the latest twist is this never-ending episode of the Real Housewives of the PGA Tour?

Contrary to the Sports Illustrated report on Monday that quoted two marshals saying they never spoke with Tiger or told him Sergio had already hit. Turns out a volunteer did talk to Tiger, but only after he had already pulled the 5-wood, which caused the crowd to react noisily and distract Sergio, according to The Jacksonville Times-Union‘s Garry Smits

Not so fast, say Brian Nedrich of Fleming Island and Lance Paczkowski of St. Augustine, who said they were within 10 to 12 yards of Woods.

Both said the claims there was no communication between Woods and volunteers are wrong and said that Woods was only mistaken about the sequence of events.

“It is not true and definitely unfair to Tiger,” said Nedrich, who was a marshal at the second hole. “That’s because I was the one Tiger heard say that Sergio had hit.”

You see, Tiger merely confused the details. Does that mean he stretched the truth?

“It’s disingenuous to suggest that Tiger is a liar because he got a minor detail wrong,” Nedrich said. “Basically, he told the truth.”

“Tiger Woods did not lie,” Paczkowski said. “Was there a small mistake in what he remembered? Yes. But I don’t think it rises to the level of lying.”

He basically didn’t lie. How do you basically tell the truth? I’m too tired and cranky to differentiate between the two, but it doesn’t matter enough for me to give it another thought. Sorry, I just really don’t care enough.

Bottom line: maybe Tiger was a jerk and maybe Sergio was a baby. As I’ve said, does any of that surprise you? Puh-lease. 

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)