Sergio on Tiger: “He’s not the nicest guy on Tour.”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour


Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia were not paired together for the final round of The Players Championship, which was a blessing for everyone involved — and Sergio made that clear following the completion of the third round on Sunday morning.

“I’m not going to lie,” Sergio said. “He’s not my favorite guy to play with. He’s not the nicest guy on tour.”

Then, he told Golf Channel: “It’s good for both of us. We don’t enjoy each other’s company. You don’t have to be a rocket engineer to figure that out.”

I think the correct saying is “rocket scientist,” but we get the point, and besides, English is Sergio’s second language.

Tiger and Sergio have made it clear they really, really don’t like each other, especially after the drama on Saturday. Which started with The Incident, of course, leading to an entertaining episode of The Real Housewives of the PGA Tour, starring Woods and Garcia.