Tiger vs. Sergio (or Sergio vs. Tiger) at The Players third round open thread
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour



It’s about time. Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods, who are first and second, respectively, at The Players Championship are *finally* about to tee off (2:40pm). This should be interesting. You could say they have some history.

In the 19 rounds they’ve been paired together, Tiger has Sergio’s number (12-3-4, win-loss-tie). Who do you think will post a lower score today? Predictions? — they don’t just have to be scores, I’m open to creative ones, too. Actually, please entertain me. 

I always root for the underdog. #teamsergio


Not that anyone cares, but just because I need to vent (and this is my blog so I can do whatever I want, ha!), I played the crappiest round of golf ever today at the Valley Course at TPC Sawgrass, which was just a short walk from the Stadium (the one you see the pros playing on TV). I’ve learned that I suck with rental clubs (good ones even) and my game has gone really down the toilet the last few years. I also haven’t been to a driving range for a practice session since, like, 2004. I spent way too many hours in my youth doing that, so I decided after college that the 30 or so balls I hit to warm up suffice as “practice.”

After today, though, I might need to rethink that philosophy. My “plan” completely backfired. I thought it’d be a good idea to get in an easy 18 because I’m playing twice next week — the Travelers Championship media day and National Golf Links of America, which is my favorite course. Well, I guess I got that awful round out of my system and maybe it was “practice,” but it was so bad that it may have been worse for me.

/end rant

Okay, see! I feel better already! Plus, Lee Westwood just whiffed. Yes, seriously!

Sergio vs. Tiger time. Woot!