John Daly to Vijay: Don’t do it!
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

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John Daly has some words of wisdom for Vijay Singh, who filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour on Wednesday. Daly tweeted, “VJ don’t do this horrible advice you got off take it from me not worth it #friendlyadvice.”

Daly would know. In 2007 the two-time major champion filed a lawsuit against a number of parties, including the PGA Tour. That didn’t end so well.

In the discovery process, Daly’s 456-page Tour file became public record. We learned that Daly was suspended five times, placed on probation six times, ordered to go to counseling or rehab seven times, cited for conduct unbecoming 11 times and fined almost $100,000 over 18 years.

Anyone curious what’s in Singh’s file?