Steve Williams: Tiger Woods should have been disqualified
By Stephanie Wei under Rules
Stevie Williams celebrating his 14th major

Stevie Williams celebrating his 14th major

Tiger Woods’ former caddie Stevie Williams chimed in on Tiger’s improper drop controversy in the second round of the Masters, which resulted in a two-shot penalty. New Zealand’s 3News caught up with Williams, who is now Adam Scott’s looper, after he landed from the long journey back from Augusta.

Stevie just can’t help himself.

“Tiger certainly wasn’t trying to gain anything on the field there. Obviously he was frustrated,” said Williams. “It was a mistake. I think in the fairness of the rules he should have been disqualified. He signed a scorecard he had committed a penalty. If he had the chance to view that when he finished he would have put two strokes on himself but he didn’t get that chance. If the rules of golf were upheld I think he should have been disqualified.”

Well, no one can ever say that Williams doesn’t speak his mind. He’s almost too honest for his own good. (To be fair, many on Tour share the same sentiments as Stevie, but they just aren’t as outspoken about it in a public forum.)

Tiger wasn’t disqualified from the Masters because of Rule 33-7, where officials can use their discretion in “exceptional individual cases” to waive the penalty of disqualification. 

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