Phil’s “special club” is the Phrankenwood
By Stephanie Wei under General
Callaway introduces the Phrankenwood

Callaway introduces the Phrankenwood

A few weeks ago at the Shell Houston Open, Phil Mickelson teased a “special club” that he was going to put in his bag for Augusta National. He said he would unveil it the Monday of the Masters. Well, ta-da — see club pictured above!

Golfweek’s Jim Achenbach has the details:

The club was revealed Monday when Golfweek stumbled across a new 2-wood called Phrankenwood in the Callaway tour van. Because Augusta National Golf Club does not allow tour vans on its property, the Callaway van was parked in a lot across Washington Road from the Augusta National front gate.

What are the specs on this new club?

The official name of the new club is X Hot Phrankenwood. It has 12 degrees of loft and is similar to Callaway’s 13-degree X Hot 3Deep 3-wood, already in use by Mickelson. If Mickelson decides to play Phrankenwood, it is speculated he will keep the 3Deep 3-wood in his bag and remove the 9.5-degree Razr Fit Xtreme driver.

Mickelson is credited for coming up with the idea for the Phrankenwood.

In Mickelson’s press conference on Tuesday at Augusta, he revealed that he wouldn’t be using a driver. Instead, he’s playing the Phrankenwood, which is a modified 3-wood. He said the club takes some of the spin off the ball, so he’s getting another 15-20 yards in distance.

“I drove it really well to win, when I won in Phoenix this year,” said Phil, who tied for third at the Masters last year.  “And the following week I put in our 3‑wood, our X Hot 3‑wood.  And I hit it as far as my driver.  I couldn’t believe it, it like shot off the face.  It had, you know, the optimum spin that a driver would have, and I hit it as far as my driver.  And if you’ve noticed, as I’ve played Doral and I’ve played Houston and I’ve played these last few weeks, I hit it off almost every tee because it’s so easy to hit, and it just bores through the air and I don’t have to manipulate it and it just goes so far.

“So I asked the engineers to take that technology in that club, in our 3‑wood, and just put it on steroids, which is probably not the best way to say it, okay (laughter) but I wanted to make it more like a driver.  So it looks like‑‑ it looks like a 3‑wood, but it’s bigger than our 3‑wood.  And it’s almost like a small driver, but it’s the 3‑wood technology of our X Hot into a driver.  What it’s done is taken a lot of spin off of it.  And if you watch, you’ll see a lot of the shots off the tee that I hit have a lot more scoot on them.”

Mickelson noted a few holes where he’s gained distance, like on nos. 9, 10 and 15.

“The tee shot on 15 is getting down to where I have one or two clubs less, and because it comes off fast, as well as low spin, it’s running, which is exactly what I wanted here.”

Strangely enough, Phil, who normally exudes confidence and lights up like a little kid on Christmas at Augusta, admitted to feeling nervous this week.

“I haven’t been in competition since the Sunday of the Houston Open, and that’s been — it will be 10, 11 days, I guess, as opposed to three, and that’s what I’m nervous about is just those first opening five or six holes, being mentally tuned in,” he said.

Hopefully, his special club will put some of those nerves at ease.

And if Phil wins, you better believe he’ll credit the Phrankenwood — as he did with his new driver when he captured the Waste Management Phoenix Open earlier this season — which will also be an even bigger than usual victory for his club sponsor.

(Photo via Callaway Golf Twitter)