Everybody’s #Dufnering
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

After Deadspin posted this legendary picture of Jason Dufner hanging out with kids at a charity event in Irving, Texas, #Dufnering has become a trending meme on the internets. Here are some of the best from the pros, along with others around the Twittersphere…


    Rory shot a two-under 70 this morning for a one-under total to sneak inside the cut line at the Shell Houston Open.


    “It’s the best thing ever,” said McIlroy when asked about #Dufnering. “I’ve never had so much entertainment. I was on my own last night and just going through the tweets. The laughs, it’s just so much. The first thing I said to Keegan when I saw him this morning, ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.’ I texted him last night. It was good entertainment for the night.

    It was for me, too. Who said golfers were boring?? Move over, Harlem Shake! Tebowing, what?
  2. Woke up to #dufnering as number 1 trending thing on twitter! Now let’s all remember the original @JasonDufner.
  3. And Dufner explains #Dufnering
  4. What can I say, I was tired, my back hurt from sitting on the floor, and we were talking about relaxation and focusing. #dufnering
  5. He tries to mimic #Dufnering, but nothing beats the original!

  6. And a few LPGA players join in on the fun. First, Sandra Gal…
  7. Thanks for your responses. And what are my friend and I doing tonight? #Dufnering
  8. Here’s Karen Stupples:
  9. Lots of golf shoes #dufnering in the Shell Houston Open locker room.
  10. #Dufnering = The @PGATour‘s Version of #Tebowing. Everybody’s into it, even POLAR BEARS ->

Other forms of #Dufnering seen on Twitter:

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Anyone else got some good #Dufnering pics? Email me: