#WUPHangout: Thursday night pre-game edition with pro golfer Renee Skidmore
By Stephanie Wei under WUPHangout

First of all, sorry for posting this so late, but there’s no breaking news or anything, so I think we will all survive (at least I hope!). Secondly, I apologize for the crappy connection on my end. Not sure why it was so bad since I’ve done several Hangouts in my apartment and there’s never been an issue.

Good news is Renee Skidmore — who plays on the Symetra Tour — looks lovely, so it’s worth tuning in to watch her and learn about chasing her dream to play on the LPGA. Bonus: She likes to dance (you may remember her from our amusing attempt at the Harlem Shake), and was kind enough to put on a show for everyone. Enjoy!