#WUPHangout: Saturday wrap-up at the Honda Classic
By Stephanie Wei under WUPHangout

I took the stage this evening in the interview room shortly after 54-hole co-leaders Michael Thompson and Luke Guthrie finished their press conferences. The lighting was quite bright, so I’m not sure why I kept looking up — perhaps I’m just drawn to shiny things?

Right when I ended the Hangout, I realized I forgot to mention one of the funny coincidences of the day. After David Lynn outplayed Tiger Woods in the third round, he was immediately whisked away by a drug-testing official.  Lynn, a 39-year-old rookie on the PGA Tour (longtime European Tour player), said today was only the second time he’d ever been tested (and of course, the other time was in Europe), which I thought was interesting considering the discussion lately about the Tour’s non-rigorous drug-testing policy and its lack of transparency.

Before I bid you a good night, in case anyone is interested, here are some quotes from Tiger following his third consecutive even-par 70.

*On losing momentum on the back nine: “I was playing really solidly all day.  I caught a bad mud ball at 10 and I hit a slice hook, and then made bogey there and then 18, I hit another bad one and hit hook-slice.  And then on 17, just stuck it in the ground a little bit, caught the wind and rode it over there and ended up making double. Realistically, if you play well, you can shoot about five- or six- under par, there’s no doubt.  There’s some accessible pins.  The greens are perfectly smooth out there.  They are not that fast so you can be pretty aggressive.

*On the wind factoring in and making conditions much more difficult than the previous rounds: “Certainly it had its moments where it was up pretty good and then it died down for maybe a hole.  But it’s picked back up again.  There’s some tee shots where we are going to have to commit out there and hit some good ones and same thing with second shots.  Guys this afternoon are going to certainly face that challenge and there’s so many guys with chances, that anything can happen.”

*On his game currently compared to when he won at Torrey Pines in February: “It’s not that far off.  I feel like I’m probably just not quite driving it as well.  I’m driving it long.  Just not quite driving it as well. My iron game is pretty good and my short game is way better than it was at Torrey.  I feel very comfortable with my putting what I’m doing, so I need to obviously get it in play a little bit more and attack from there, because everything else is pretty good.”


And that’s it, folks. See you tomorrow.