Security guard shouts Fault! at Serena
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

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Sorry, Serena — golf is the only sporting event where fans aren’t allowed to take cell phone pictures. Top-ranked tennis player Serena Williams was watching Tiger Woods at the Honda Classic on Friday, and learned about the PGA Tour’s cell-phone/picture-taking policy the hard way.

Williams was by the 17th tee box when she pulled out her phone to try and take a picture of Tiger. Security guards and marshals double as part of the Mo-Po (mobile phone police task force) these days at tournaments and one of them spotted — and scolded — Williams just in the nick of time, putting his hand in front of her phone and pushing it away. 

Serena looked startled and shocked, which is the natural reaction of just about any avid sports fan, not to mention the Mo-Po are pretty scary these days when it comes to fans and phones following the “big” names. (Hey, I had my credentials threatened for taking non-action shots during tournament days, but we came to an understanding or there was a recent change/amendment in the regulations.)

Here’s a GIF of the occurrence via




She appeared to comply and tweeted the above, “Ok at this Golf tournament. Just saw @tigerwoods I understand NO golf Apparently u can’t take pics. This security for mad and yelled at me [sic]”.

Serena followed up her first tweet with a nice photo of Tiger’s follow-through on the par-3 17th. Nice shot!

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What a rebel! Nothing wrong with a little civil disobedience… 

I think it’s safe to say that Serena is now fully aware of the PGA Tour’s draconian NO-PICTURES rule, which most golf fans are familiar with (but you are allowed to take as many photos or videos as you’d like during the practice round days). She tweeted more about her newfound knowledge of golf.

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I’m a bit surprised Serena didn’t know more about golf, considering her sister Venus dated Hank Kuehne, who shot 67-72 (T43) in the first two rounds at PGA National, for quite some time. In fact, there were rumors in 2008 that the two were engaged. 

Happy to give Serena a walking tour if she’d like this weekend — if she returns. I mean, she might not be so inclined to come back after her “welcome to golf” moment.